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Question #1: Which organization is the watch dog of international trade?

Question #2: How many zones are adjacent only to India?

Question #3: Which quality of electricity is measured by ‘omh’?

Question #4: How many district are there in the ‘Himalayan Region’?

Question #5: What do you mean by SAFTA?

Question #6: Caspian sea located in:

Question #7: How many members are there in BIMSTEC?

Question #8: Which place is known as the ‘Door of Nepal’?

Question #9: Which district is located at the extreme north of Nepal?

Question #10: How far is nearest place of Bangladesh from Nepal?

Question #11: When was SAARC formally established?

Question #12: What is the national sport of Kosovo?

Question #13: Which city is oldest among them?

Question #14: What is the central bank of America?

Question #15: Which one is the largest tropical rain forest in the world?

Question #16: Victoria lakes located in :

Question #17: To which mountain range does ‘Manaslu Himal’ belong?

Question #18: Who named ‘Mount Everest’ as ‘Third Pole’?

Question #19: Which is the largest lake in the world?

Question #20: What was the old name of Nagarkot, a popular tourism sport?

Question #21: What is meant by “Grey Market”?

Question #22: Which is the largest planet in the solar system?

Question #23: Which is the youngest (latest) district of Nepal?

Question #24: What is the old name of ‘Rapti Zone’?

Question #25: To which country does the NASDAQ stock exchange index belongs to?