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Question #1: What does black market mean?

Question #2: Which quality of electricity is measured by ‘omh’?

Question #3: Which is the oldest country in the world?

Question #4: Which is the largest planet in the solar system?

Question #5: Which Malla king started the festival of ‘Kumari Jatra’ ?

Question #6: Sale proceeds of stock in trade are:

Question #7: Which is the shortest day?

Question #8: Which country does not have police force or jail?

Question #9: What do you mean by SAFTA?

Question #10: Who is the father of economics?

Question #11: Who is the first president of USA?

Question #12: Who is the founder of Kantipur town?

Question #13: How much does Nepal contribute in UN budget?

Question #14: When was IBRD established?

Question #15: How many members are there in BIMSTEC?

Question #16: What is the playground for playing hockey?

Question #17: What is the national sport of Maldives?

Question #18: Which branch of science studies about heredity and factors affecting it?

Question #19: What must be the fixed capital of large industries?

Question #20: When did Nepal Rastrya Bank established?

Question #21: What is the national sport of Bangladesh?

Question #22: In which country did balabhadra kuwar died?

Question #23: In how many events did Nepali players participate in the 11th SAG games?

Question #24: Where is the headquarter of ICIMOD?

Question #25: Which human cell is the longest cell ?