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CMAT Quantitative

Question #1: A number of two digits exceed four times the sum of digits by 3. If 36 is added to the number, the digits are reversed. The number is:

Question #2: A father’s age was three times and two times of his son at 2040B.S. and 2050B.S. respectively, The birth year of the son was:

Question #3: A 3-digit number, in which all the digits are odd, is such that if cubes of all the digits are added, then the sum will be equal to the number itself. If one of the digits is 7 the number is:

Question #4: Two years age, a man’s age was three times the square of his son’s age. If three years’ time, his age will be four times his son’s age, their present ages are:

Question #5: Every Sunday Kristina Jogs 3 miles. For the rest of the week, each day he jogs 1 mile more than the preceding day. In 4 weeks, Kristina jog’s ……… miles

Question #6: What is the 99th letter of AABABCABCD …………. ?

Question #7: If a fraction, if the numerator is multiplied by 3 and denominator is reduced by 3, we get 9/4, But if the numerator of the fraction is increased by 8 and the denominator is doubled, we get 1/2 . The fraction is:

Question #8: The sum of the square of two number is 233 and one of the number is 3 less than twice the other number. The numbers are:

Question #9: A father’s age was four three times of his son at 2032 B.S. and 2050 B.S. respectively, The birth year of the son was:

Question #10: Sabita said to Kabita “I am twice as old as you were when I was old as you are”. The sum of their present ages is 49 years. Now their ages in years are

Question #11: If Uttam’s age + Amar’s age = 80 and Uttam ‘s age + Ganesh’s age = 98 and Amar ‘s age + Ganesh age = 94; How old as Uttam, Amar and Ganesh?

Question #12: A number of two digits is six times the sum of its digits. If 9 is subtracted from the number the digits are reversed. The number is:

Question #13: The present ages of a father and his son are 35 years and 12 years respectively. The number of years ago that the product of their ages was 210 is :

Question #14: If a two digit positive integer has its digit reversed, the resulting integer differs from the original by 27. By how much do the two digit differ?

Question #15: In the two digits number X, both the sum and difference of its digits is 4. What is the value of X? [CMAT 2008]

Question #16: The digit of a three-digit number add up to 18. If the ten’s digit is twice of the Hundred’s digit and hundred’s digit is 1/3 of the unit digit, what is the number? [CMAT 2010]

Question #17: At present the product of the ages of a mother and her daughter is 100. Ten years later, mother’s age will be twice that of her daughter, their present ages are:

Question #18: The sum of the two digits of a number is 9 and if ten’s place digit be increased by 3, the number this formed will be equal to equal to 1 2/3 times the original number. The original number is:

Question #19: One year hence, a father’s age will be 5 times as old as his son. The product of the present ages of the father and his son is 145. Their present ages are:

Question #20: The denominator of a fraction is greater than its numerator by 11. If 8 is added to both its numerator and denominator, it becomes 3/4 . The fraction is

Question #21: The product of Suraj’s age 5 years ago with his age 10 years later is 1000. His present age is:

Question #22: The sum of the digits of a two number is 12, and the ten’s digit is one third of the units digit. What is the number? [CMAT 2008]

Question #23: The sum of number and 16 times its reciprocal is 8, the number is:

Question #24: In 1950 the sum of ages of Rasika and Natasha was 40 years. In 1965, the ratio of their ages 3:4, their ages in 2000 is:

Question #25: In two digits number, the product of two digits is 14 and if 45 is subtracted from the number, the number will be reversed. The reversed number is: