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Kumat English

Question #1: In the four chapels of Santa Croce, Giotto painted frescoes and they portrayed the lives of the saints.

Question #2: The debate coach, together with the members of the winning team, is traveling to Washington for the awards ceremony

Question #3: By establishing strict rules of hygiene in maternity wards, Ignaz. Semmelweis saved many women from dying of childbed fever, this was a fate that many expectant mothers feared.

Question #4: Veterans of World War II received greater support from the public than the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Question #5: Nowadays airport security guards have the right to search people’s bag who act in a suspicious manner.

Question #6: The clipper ship was the fastest ocean going vessel of its time; it ruled the waves only briefly, however, before the faster and more reliable steamship took its place

Question #7: The real estate reporter maintained that housing prices in San Francisco were higher than any other city in the country

Question #8: During the eighteenth century, inoculations against smallpox became increasingly popular among the English upper classes although to the lower classes it remained mysterious and therefore threatening.

Question #9: With the rift between the two sides apparently widening, analysis said that they considered the likelihood of a merger between the two corporations to be negligible

Question #10: Gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in 1848, and prospectors who flocked to the gold fields are known not as the forty fighters but as the forty niners.

Question #11: Once a leading light of the Harlem Renaissance, the revived interest in African-American literary pioneers rescued Zora Neale Hurston from decades of obscurity

Question #12: The historians of geography and cartography seem more interested in their maps in the explorers who went into the field, often at great risk, to get the information that these maps contain.

Question #13: Employment statistics indicate that the percentage of workers who found jobs in the fall quarter is lower than the spring

Question #14: Most of the free libraries founded by Andrew Carnegie were located in communities where there were hardly no other cultural institutions available to the members of the working classes.

Question #15: By the time we arrive in Italy, we have traveled through four countries.

Question #16: To say “My lunch was satisfactory” is complimentary; to say “My lunch was adequate” is not.

Question #17: When one debates the merits of the proposed reduction in our tax base, you should take into consideration the effect it will have on the schools and the other public services.

Question #18: We were afraid of the teacher’s wrath due to his statement that he would penalize anyone who failed to hand in his term paper on time.

Question #19: Because the sport industry has become so popular is the reason that some universities have created new courses in sports marketing and event planning.

Question #20: I have discovered that the subways in New York are as clean as other city I have visited.

Question #21: Roger had just walked into his office and that was when he was told that his plan had finally approved.

Question #22: Burdened with three pieces of luggage and pair of skis, Sarah’s search for a baggage cart was desperate.

Question #23: Karen, James and Sam were hiking when, stumbling over a rock, he fell down a steep embankment.

Question #24: By attracting new industry when the old factory closed, the council kept the economy of the town from collapsing, this was a disaster many workers had feared.

Question #25: A healthy economy can be measured not only by the growth of business but it has a psychological effect on people.

Question #26: Today’s political candidates may reach wide audiences by appearing on television, but old-fashioned barnstorming still has value because it allows the electorate to meet candidates face-to-face.

Question #27: Linguistic research often requires fieldwork where they can study and record the spoken dialects of a region.

Question #28: The primatologist has argued that sustained observation of a animals provides better behavioral data than does intermittent observation of many animals.

Question #29: Geroge Orwell’s term “doublespeak” referring to the intentional use of language to confuse or to mislead of “tax increase.”

Question #30: Trees are able to collect large amounts of water from fog- in some areas as much as thirty inches annually.

Question #31: Prized for their rarity, gourmets will spend a small fortune on wild truffles rather than settle for common mushrooms.

Question #32: Evidence from surveys and interviews show friendship made in high school tends to last longer than those made in college.

Question #33: Growing up in a family where music was a daily part of life, Steve and Rick shared a determination to become singing duos known nationwide.

Question #34: Before reading the front page of the newspaper, my sister reads the sports section, my brother reads the comics first.

Question #35: Jacob Lawrence is best known for his depictions of modern urban life, and his celebrated painting forward presents a rural scene from the life of abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

Question #36: Although the theory that widespread lead poisoning contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire has gained ________, the evidence is still ________.

Question #37: The fashion designer favored fabrics that were so _______ as to be virtually transparent.

Question #38: Professor Williams disdained traditions: she regularly attacked cherished beliefs and institutions, earning a reputation as_______.

Question #39: The movie’s pilot was________; once you knew what befell the hero, you could________ the fate of the villain.

Question #40: A certain additive put in gasoline to reduce air pollution is actually________ ground water, a finding that shows that even the most well-intentioned fixes can sometimes_________.

Question #41: The biologist’s description of the wolf pack was true________, devoid of any emotion or personal prejudice.

Question #42: No longer considered __________, the belief that all of Puerto Rico’s indigenous Taino people perished centuries ago appears to be a ___________ now that modern Taino descendants have come forward.

Question #43: Although easily angered by our mischievous behavior, our mother could be immediately ________ by our expression of remorse.

Question #44: Scientists wonder that to do with the dead satellites, jettisoned rockets, drafting paint flrcks, and other________ orbiting Earth.

Question #45: Although aging brings about profound physiological changes, it does not often alter an individual’s ________: an irascible thirty year old will probably still be _________ at seventy.

Question #46: The commentator characterized the electorate as_________ because it was unpredictable and given to constantly shifting moods.

Question #47: Geoffrey’s corrupt dealings earned him such disgrace that any possibility of his being reelected to the city council was completely ¬¬¬¬¬_________.

Question #48: The professor’s presentation was both ________ and ________: through brief, it was instructive.

Question #49: With its large circulation, Essence magazine has enjoyed _________ only recently challenged by new publications aggressively seeking female African American readers.

Question #50: The judge’s published opinions, though sophisticated and subtle, were undeniably_______: they left no doubt of her intentions.

Question #51: Although the editors were reputed to be very_______, the uneven quality of the material they put into the anthology suggests they were too _________.

Question #52: Many painting of the American southwest convey the feeling of isolation and loneliness that mirrors the ________ landscape they depict.

Question #53: Only recently created, this orchid is a ________, a plant produced by deliberately crossbreeding two different varieties of flowers.

Question #54: The pharmaceutical company insisted that its testing of new drugs was quite_______, more rigorous than the industry standard.

Question #55: Freedom of expression is not necessarily a ________ force: communities that encourage it often feel less threatened by social unrest than do those in which dissent is_________.

Question #56: Thomas Hardy’s novels are described as ________because of their preoccupation with daily life in rural and agricultural settings.

Question #57: Some skeptics consider the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) to be ________, even foolish; others go so far as to accuse SETI scientists of outright_______ in applying skewed data.

Question #58: Extensive travel afforded Langston Hughes a ________ perspective, but it was Harlem that served as the creative__________ for his writing.

Question #59: One requirement of timeless art is that it deepen and _______ our awareness, not that it merely conform what ew already know,

Question #60: Despairing that the performance of the chief executive would ever improve, the corporation’s board of directors took decisive action and_______ him.

Question #61: The discovery of the fossil was __________ and _________, surprisingly scientist and undermining accepted theories about plant distribution.

Question #62: Citing the __________of the Asian American community, the scholar argued that Asian Americans constituted the region’s fastest-growing population.

Question #63: Far from being_________, bears in some national parks are surprisingly_________ when approached by humans; still, visitors must exercise caution.

Question #64: Before becoming the stockbroker, Victoria Woodhull had a career as a _______, someone believe to have insights about events beyond ordinary human perception.

Question #65: The judges for the chili competition were ________, nothing subtle differences between dishes that most people would not detect.

Question #66: Although the archaeologist _________ the symbol on the cave wall, she was unable to _______ then because they were too faint.

Question #67: Popular interest in music performed by folk singer Jean Ritchie acted as a __________because it __________ a wider interest in the music of Ritchie’s native Kentucky

Question #68: Oceanographers have identified more than 50 “dead zones” around the world: areas of seas that various forms of pollution have rendered _______ life.

Question #69: The few female physicians practicing at the end of the nineteenth century might be considered _______ because they constituted a very small percentage of all physicians.

Question #70: Rose smiled approvingly but gave neither written nor spoken permission to proceed with the project: her consent, in short, was ________.

Question #71: Paradoxically, during the French Revolution, the very leaders who proclaimed _________ philosophies sometimes also engaged in ______ practices.

Question #72: Despite his brilliant career, Gerald was plagued by doubts and could not _______ his feelings of ____________.

Question #73: Jane was both ______ and __________ : she was blatantly proud and offensively bold.

Question #74: New Zealand and Spain can accurately be described as ___________ because they are diametrically opposite one another on the globe.

Question #75: Ken took his __________obligations seriously, patiently caring for his mother throughout her long recuperation.

Question #76: The sound produced by the youth orchestra was so ________ that even its least experienced members were abashed.

Question #77: To avoid being _______, composer Stephen Sondheim strives for an element of surprise in his songs.

Question #78: Because the pandas had already been weakened by disease and drought, a harsh winter would have had __________ consequences for them.

Question #79: For many of the villagers, marriage was a practical _______, one not necessarily ___________ of love but nevertheless grounded largely in economic advantage.

Question #80: Maggie is a procrastinator, naturally inclined to ________and to __________discussion.

Question #81: Just as glass windows offer building both light and insulation, certain atmospheric gases ______ incoming sunlight and __________ heat radiated from the ground, preventing warmth from escaping

Question #82: The speaker, praised for her style yet ridiculed for her vacuity, often moved naive listeners with __________ along and led them to believe that her speech had __________.

Question #83: The actor was noted for his ________ behavior: he quickly became irritated if his every whim was not immediately satisfied.

Question #84: Hayley Mill’s films have called __________, although most of them are not so sentimental as to deserve that description.

Question #85: Predictably, detail-oriented workers are __________keeping track of the myriad particulars of a situation.

Question #86: The controversial tax fueled sustained __________ that could not be ________by the prime minister’s impassioned speeches.

Question #87: In breeding can promote the expression of _________genes, those that make an animal subject to disease or impair reproductive efficiency.

Question #88: The doctor _________ so frequently on disease-prevention techniques that his colleagues accused him to __________.

Question #89: A judicious biography must be __________represented that depicts both the strengths and the weakness of the subject, avoiding the two extremes of __________ an indictment

Question #90: Though Luis eagerly sought her _________, he subsequently chose not to heed that advice.

Question #91: As a young physics instructor, Richard Feynman discovered that he had the gift of sharing his ___________his subject and making that excitement __________.

Question #92: As ________ as the disintegration of the Roman Empire must have seemed, that disaster nevertheless presented some __________ aspects.

Question #93: The beauty of the Mount Mckenley is usually cloaked: clouds ___________ the summit nine days out of ten.

Question #94: Madame C.J. Walker introduced her first hair-care product just as demand was reaching its peak; this __________marketing made her a millionaire.

Question #95: .a scientist should not automatically reject folkways that might at first seem silly or superstitious; scientific qualifications are not a license for ______, nor do they __________ prejudice or bias

Question #96: For a long time, most doctors maintained that taking massive doses of vitamin was relatively harmless; now, however, some are warning that excessive dosages can be _______.

Question #97: In Jamaica Kancaid’s novel lucky, the West Indian heroine _______ her employer’s world, critically examining its assumptions and values.

Question #98: The frequent name changes that the country has undergone _________the political turbulence that has attended its recent history.

Question #99: Brachiopods, calm like bivalves of prehistoric times, were one of the most _________forms of life on the Earth: more than 30,000 species have been _________from fossil records.

Question #100: Some interactive computer games are so elaborately contrived and required such __________strategies that only the most __________player can master them.

Question #101: Commerce on the remote island was conducted exclusively by __________, exchanging goods for goods.

Question #102: The existence of environmental contamination is no longer a point of _________; government, industry, and the public agree that it is a serious problem.

Question #103: In rock climbing, survival depends as much on ___________, the ability to perceive without conscious reasoning, as on physical strength.

Question #104: Using computer labs to _________ classroom instruction is most effective when the curriculum ________ lab exercises and classroom teaching in a coordinated manner.

Question #105: Many ________ of the style of painting exemplified by Marcel Duchamp’s work focused on Duchamp’s nude descending to staircase as the _________of what they detested about modern art.

Question #106: Johnson’s writing is considered _________ and __________ because it is filled with obscure references and baffling digression.

Question #107: Because the congresswoman has been so openhanded with many of her constituents, it is difficult to reconcile this _________ with her private _________.

Question #108: As sea urchins becoming scarcer, drivers are __________ to more dangerous depth to retrieve them, __________ the potential for driving injuries.

Question #109: Anne mentioned John’s habitual boasting about his wardrobe as in example of his ______ways.

Question #110: Because our supply of fossil fuel has been sadly _______, we must find __________ sources of energy.

Question #111: He is much too _______ in his writings: he writes a page when a sentence should suffice.

Question #112: The abundance and diversity of insects is the cumulative effect of an extraordinary low _________ rate: bugs endure.

Question #113: Pre-Spanish art in Mexico is not a ________ art; they are mistaken who see in its bold simplifications or wayward conceptions an inability to _________ technical difficulties.

Question #114: Are we to turn into spineless __________, afraid to take a __________ stand, unable to answer a question without pussy footing.

Question #115: In apologizing to the uncredited photographer, the editor said that he _________ that this _______ use of copyrighted photographs had taken place.

Question #116: The herb Chinese parsley is an example of what we mean by an acquired taste: Westerners who originally ________ it eventually came to ________ its flavor in Oriental foods.

Question #117: Because he was ________ in the performance of his duties, his employers could not ______ his work.

Question #118: British __________ contemporary art has been an obstacle even for modern artists now revered as great, such as Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, who were ________ for years before winning acceptance.

Question #119: The biochemistry instructor urged that we take particular care of the ________ chemicals to prevent their evaporation.

Question #120: It is said that the custom of shaking ahds originated when primitive men held out empty hands to indicate that they had no ________ weapons and were thus ________disposed.

Question #121: Archaeologists are involved in _________Mayan temples in Central America, uncovering the old ruins in order to learn more about the civilization they represent.

Question #122: Afraid that the __________ nature of the plays being presented would corrupt the morals of their audience, the puritans closed the theaters in 1642.

Question #123: The governor’s imposition of martial law on the once-peaceful community was the last straw, so far as the lawmakers were concerned: the legislature refused to function until martial law was _______.

Question #124: The sergeant suspected that the private was _______ in order to avoid going the ______ march scheduled for that morning.

Question #125: The incidence of smoking among women, formerly _______, has grown to such a degree that lung cancer, once a minor problem, has become the chief ________ of cancer-related deaths among women.

Question #126: The columnist was almost ________ when he mentioned his friends, he was unpleasant and even _____ when he discussed people who irritated him.

Question #127: An experienced politicians who knew better than to launch a campaign in troubled political waters, she intended to wait for a more ________ occasion before she announced her plans.

Question #128: In one instance illustrating Metternich’s consuming ________,he employed several naval captions to purchase books abroad for him, eventually adding an entire oriental liberary to his __________ collection.

Question #129: The civil right movement did not emerge from obscurity into national prominence overnight; on the contrary, it captured the public’s imagination only _______.

Question #130: The seventeenth-century writer Mary Astell was a rate phenomenon, a single women who maintained and even ______ a respectable reputation while earning a living by her pen.

Question #131: An optimistic supporter of the women’s movement, Kubota contends that recent ________ by Japanese women in the business world are meaningful and indicative of ________ opportunity to come.

Question #132: The _________ ambassador was but __________ linguist; yet he insisted on speaking to foreign dignitaries in their own tongues without resorting to a translator’s aid.

Question #133: Nowadays life models-men and women who pose in the nude for articles – seem curiously _________, relics of a bygone age when art students labored amid skeletons and anatomical charts, learning to draw the human body as painstakingly as medical students learn to _______ it.

Question #134: Most of the settlement that grew up near the logging camps were ________ affairs, thrown together in a hurry because people needed ti live on the job.

Question #135: Quick-breeding and immune to most pesticides, cockroaches are so ________ that even a professional exterminator may fail to ________ them.

Question #136: The patient bore the pain _________, neither wincing nor whimpering when the incision was made.

Question #137: The actor’s stories of backstage feuds and rivalry might be though _______were there not so many corroborating anecdotes from other theatrical personalities.

Question #138: Wemmick, the soul of kindness in private, is obliged in ________ to be uncompassionate and even _____ on behalf of his employer, the harsh lawyer Jaggers.

Question #139: Although Roman original contributions to government, jurisprudence, and engineering are commonly acknowledged, the artistic legacy of the Roman world continues to be judged widely as __________ the magnificent Greek traditions that preceded it.

Question #140: Although in publicity has been _______, the film itself is intelligent, we-acted, handsomely produced, and altogether ___________.

Question #141: The selection committee for the exhibit was amazed to see such fine work done by a mere __________.

Question #142: The teacher suspected cheating as he noticed the pupil’s __________ glance at his classmate’s paper.

Question #143: Known for his commitment to numerous worth causes, the philanthropist deserved ______ for his __________.

Question #144: Miss Waston termed Huck’s behavior ________ because in her opinion nothing could excuse his deliberate disregard of her commands.

Question #145: Either the surfing at Maui is _____, or I went there on an off day.

Question #146: Your __________ remarks spoil the effect of your speech; try not to tray from your subject.

Question #147: The fundraising ball turned out to be a __________; it started late, attracted to few dancers, and lost almost a million dollars.

Question #148: She was pleased by the accolades she received; like everyone else, she enjoyed being __________.

Question #149: The stereotypical image of masculinity assumed that weeping is _________ “unmanly” behavior, and not may be _______ by either sex.

Question #150: The tapeworm is an example of __________ organism, one that lives within or on another creature, deriving some or all of its nutriment from its host

Question #151: There was a hint of carelessness about her appearance, as though the cut of her blouse or the fit of her slacks was a matter of __________ to her.

Question #152: Many educators argue that a ___________grouping of students would improve instruction because it would limit the range of student abilities in the classroom.

Question #153: The younger members of the company resented the domineering and _______ manner of the officer manager.

Question #154: What most __________ the magazine’s critics is the manner in which its editorial opinions are expressed-too often as if only an idiot could see things any other way.

Question #155: I regret that my remarks seemed ________; I never intended to belittle you.

Question #156: A ________ glance pays ________ attention to details.

Question #157: With its elaborately carved, convoluted lines, furniture of the Baroque was highly _______.

Question #158: With its elaborately carved, convoluted lines, furniture of the Baroque was highly _______.

Question #159: His overweening pride in his accomplishments was __________ : he had accomplished little if anything at all

Question #160: A _________ relationship links the rhinoceros and the oxpecker (or rhinoceros bird), for the two are mutually dependent.

Question #161: When we saw black smoke billowing from the wing of the plane, we were certain that disaster was _________.

Question #162: I can touch for his honesty; I have always found him _________ and carefully observant of the truth.

Question #163: This well-documented history is of importance because it carefully ________ the ________ accomplishments of Native American artist who all too little known to the public at large.

Question #164: Perhaps because he feels ________ by an excess of parental restrictions and rules, at adolescence the repressed child may break out dramatically.

Question #165: Sue felt that Jack’s _______in the face of the compelling evidence which she had presented was an example of his _________ mind.

Question #166: As a girl, Emily Dickinson was __________ but also _________: exceptionally inhibited socially.

Question #167: The good night’s sleep had ________ effect on the weary climber, who woke refreshed and eager to resume the ascent.

Question #168: She is an interesting __________, an infinitely shy person who, in apparent contradiction, possesses an enormously intuitive _________ for understanding person.

Question #169: The coach’s harsh rebuke deeply wounded the star quarterback, who had never been __________ like that before.

Question #170: At the present time, we are suffering from ________ of stories about the war; try writing about another subject.

Question #171: Because he was __________, he shunned human society.

Question #172: Ernest Hemingway’s prose is generally esteemed for it’s ________; as one critic puts it, Hemingway “cut out unneeded words.”

Question #173: Crows are extremely ________: their harsh cries easily drown out the songs of neighboring birds.

Question #174: After Bob has broken the punch bowl, we sensed the extent of his _________ from the way he shamefacedly avoided meeting his hostess’s eye.

Question #175: Crowther maintained that the current revival was the most fatuous and ________ production of the entire theatrical season.

Question #176: His olfactory sense was so highly developed that he was often called in to judge ________.

Question #177: Jean Georges was famous for his _________ cuisine, which brought together ingredients from many cooking traditions — Thai, Chinese, French and combined them in innovative ways.

Question #178: Believing that all children possess a certain natural intelligence, the headmaster exhorted the teachers to discover and _________ each student’s _______ talents.

Question #179: Micawber’s habit of spending more than he earned left him in a state of perpetual _______, but he hoping to see a more affluent day.

Question #180: The __________ of such utopian nations is reflected by the quick disintegration of the idealistic community at Brooke Farm.

Question #181: We were amazed that a man who had been heretofore the most __________ of public speakers could, in a single speech, electrify an audience and bring them cheering to their feet.

Question #182: Despite the mixture’s __________ nature, we found that by lowering its temperature in the laboratory we could dramatically reduce its tendency to vaporize.

Question #183: Her novel published to universal acclaimed, her literary gifts acknowledged by the chief figures of the Harlem Renaissance, her reputation as yet ________ of her career.

Question #184: Fitness expert claim that jogging is __________; once you begin to jog regularly, you may be unable to stop, because you are sure to love it more and more all the time.

Question #185: Although newscasters often use the terms Chicano and Latino _________, students of Hispanic-American culture are profoundly aware of the __________ the two.

Question #186: She maintained that the proposed legislation was ________ because it simply established an affirmative action task force without making any appropriate provision to fund such a force.

Question #187: The faculty senate warned that, if its recommendations were to go unheeded, the differences between the administration and the teaching staff would be _______ and eventually rendered irreconcilable.

Question #188: Paradoxically, Helen, who had been a strict mother to her children, proved ________ mistress to her cats.

Question #189: Famed athlete Bobby Orr was given his first pair of skates by a ________ Canadian women who somehow “knew” he would use them to attain sporting greatness.

Question #190: The supervisor’s evaluation was ________, foe she noted the employee’s strong points and limitations without overly emphasizing either.