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Kumat English

Question #1: She is an interesting __________, an infinitely shy person who, in apparent contradiction, possesses an enormously intuitive _________ for understanding person.

Question #2: As ________ as the disintegration of the Roman Empire must have seemed, that disaster nevertheless presented some __________ aspects.

Question #3: Paradoxically, Helen, who had been a strict mother to her children, proved ________ mistress to her cats.

Question #4: The __________ of such utopian nations is reflected by the quick disintegration of the idealistic community at Brooke Farm.

Question #5: Most of the settlement that grew up near the logging camps were ________ affairs, thrown together in a hurry because people needed ti live on the job.

Question #6: For many of the villagers, marriage was a practical _______, one not necessarily ___________ of love but nevertheless grounded largely in economic advantage.

Question #7: After Bob has broken the punch bowl, we sensed the extent of his _________ from the way he shamefacedly avoided meeting his hostess’s eye.

Question #8: As a young physics instructor, Richard Feynman discovered that he had the gift of sharing his ___________his subject and making that excitement __________.

Question #9: The patient bore the pain _________, neither wincing nor whimpering when the incision was made.

Question #10: Some interactive computer games are so elaborately contrived and required such __________strategies that only the most __________player can master them.

Question #11: The primatologist has argued that sustained observation of a animals provides better behavioral data than does intermittent observation of many animals.

Question #12: Brachiopods, calm like bivalves of prehistoric times, were one of the most _________forms of life on the Earth: more than 30,000 species have been _________from fossil records.

Question #13: Growing up in a family where music was a daily part of life, Steve and Rick shared a determination to become singing duos known nationwide.

Question #14: A healthy economy can be measured not only by the growth of business but it has a psychological effect on people.

Question #15: Although in publicity has been _______, the film itself is intelligent, we-acted, handsomely produced, and altogether ___________.

Question #16: A certain additive put in gasoline to reduce air pollution is actually________ ground water, a finding that shows that even the most well-intentioned fixes can sometimes_________.

Question #17: Commerce on the remote island was conducted exclusively by __________, exchanging goods for goods.

Question #18: A _________ relationship links the rhinoceros and the oxpecker (or rhinoceros bird), for the two are mutually dependent.

Question #19: Citing the __________of the Asian American community, the scholar argued that Asian Americans constituted the region’s fastest-growing population.

Question #20: Karen, James and Sam were hiking when, stumbling over a rock, he fell down a steep embankment.

Question #21: Although aging brings about profound physiological changes, it does not often alter an individual’s ________: an irascible thirty year old will probably still be _________ at seventy.

Question #22: One requirement of timeless art is that it deepen and _______ our awareness, not that it merely conform what ew already know,

Question #23: Before becoming the stockbroker, Victoria Woodhull had a career as a _______, someone believe to have insights about events beyond ordinary human perception.

Question #24: Evidence from surveys and interviews show friendship made in high school tends to last longer than those made in college.

Question #25: Because our supply of fossil fuel has been sadly _______, we must find __________ sources of energy.

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