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Question #1: With which Nobel Prize-winning author would you associate the books titled The Tin Drum, flood and Dog Years?

Question #2: For which book did Jhumpa Lahiri win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction?

Question #3: Which novel ends with the words, ‘Not now, not yet’?

Question #4: In Memoriam is collection of 132 poems to express sorrow on the death of the poet’s close friends, Arthur Hallam. Name the poet.

Question #5: Which famous English dramatist died from injuries received in a tavern brawl at the age of 29?

Question #6: Who wrote the introduction to Stephen Hawking’s a brief history of time?

Question #7: Which famous poet appears thinly disguised in Mary Shelley’s novels Valpegra and The Last Man?

Question #8: William Wordsworth, Robert Southey and which other English poet were sometimes referred to as the Lake Poets?

Question #9: Which great poet died when his ship sank in the Bay of Leghorn in Italy?

Question #10: Something of myself is the unfinished autobiography of which English author?

Question #11: Sancho Panza is the squire of which literary character?

Question #12: Which of the Bronte sisters wrote Agnes Grey?