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Question #1: One-sixth of 288 apples are rotten. How many are rotten?

Question #2: When an object is selling with 30% profit is Rs. 38.40, find the cost price of the object.

Question #3: Find the geometric mean for 4 and 16.

Question #4: What will be the gain percent if a man buys an article for Rs. 400 and sells it for Rs. 460.

Question #5: When a 45 men requires 318 kg of rice for 28 days, then, find the total amount of rice required by 42 men for 25 days

Question #6: If C= {1, 3, 5, 7} and D= {3, 5, 7, 9, 11}, then C-D is

Question #7: The factorize form of x²+5x-84 is:

Question #8: How does the area of circle change if the radius of circle is changed?

Question #9: Find the height of cube if the its surface area is 9600m^2

Question #10: What is the simple rate of Rs. 100 for 12 months if the interest per annum is 5 %?

Question #11: Factorize: (x+1)( 2x-1)- 20.

Question #12: If A and B are mutually exclusive events then:

Question #13: The product of ∛5 × ∛25 is…….

Question #14: What is the percentage gain if a man buys an article for Rs 1 and sells it for Rs 1.20?

Question #15: Find the simplest form of ∛128 .

Question #16: Select the appropriate of 5∛2

Question #17: How far will a man travel in 8 hours if he travels 17.5 km in 5 hours ?

Question #18: If Rs. 20 is divided equally among x persons the share that each gets is ……

Question #19: The radius of circular plot is 14m. If the cost of fencing is Rs. 2 per meter then find the total fencing

Question #20: What is the area of square if its perimeter 36 cm?