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Question #1: Which among the following rivers does not belong to Africa?

Question #2: Who was Hypnos in Greek Mythology?

Question #3: In how many days does the moon revolves around the earth?

Question #4: Which club, founded in 1987, are the most successful in English women’s football?

Question #5: When did the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki happen?

Question #6: Which of the following lakes does not belong to Africa?

Question #7: The primatologist has argued that sustained observation of a animals provides better behavioral data than does intermittent observation of many animals.

Question #8: Which is the search engine?

Question #9: Which human cell is the longest cell ?

Question #10: What is the national sport of Bhutan?

Question #11: In the Mahabharata, Who was the father of Yuyutsu?

Question #12: In which generation transistor is used?