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Question #1: Which incarnation of Vishnu is yet to appear?

Question #2: Which among the following rivers does not belong to Europe?

Question #3: In the Mahabharata, Who was the father of Yuyutsu?

Question #4: When did the Chinese Civil War begin?

Question #5: When did the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki happen?

Question #6: In the Mahabharata, who was known as Atirathi ?

Question #7: Which is the largest sweet water lake in the world by surface area?

Question #8: Where is the head office of ILO?

Question #9: When did Nepal AID group established?

Question #10: When did the Korean war end?

Question #11: Which is the largest planet in the solar system?

Question #12: When was UNO established?