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Question #1: Boca Juniors are from which South American country?

Question #2: Which sport’s ball size was changed from 38mmm to 40mm in 2000 to slow down the game?

Question #3: What is the national sport of Mexico?

Question #4: Which former rugby player once called the English RFU committee ‘Old Farts’?

Question #5: What is the highest score a judge can award in Figure skating?

Question #6: In 1981, Susan Brown was the first female competitor in which sporting event?

Question #7: Which club, founded in 1987, are the most successful in English women’s football?

Question #8: In 1988 who became the first boxer to have won world championships in five different weight categories?

Question #9: Where was the first world cup football held in 1930?

Question #10: How many consecutive shots does it take to score a 147 break in snooker?

Question #11: In Judo, the Black belt is the highest, what colour is the second highest?

Question #12: What sport is played by the Minnesota Twins?