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  • Sports

    Bagh-Chal is a two-player board game that originates in Nepal. To know more about the Bank take quiz….

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  • History

    In 1907, the first plastic based on a synthetic polymer was made from phenol and formaldehyde.To know more…

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  • Mixed

    Mixed quiz of all sports, games, history, literature. Randomly generated quizzes you may want to take.

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  • Literature

    Geoffrey Chaucer is the father of English Literature, who born in 25th October 1400. To know more

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  • Geography

    Nepal measures about 800 kilometers along its Himalayan axis by 150 to 250 kilometers (93 to 155 mi) across.

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  • Banking

    In the middle ages, the Italian grains merchants first invented “Merchant Banks”. To know more about

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  • Computer

    The word computer comes from “compute”, which means to calculate.

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  • Mythology

    In the Mahabharata ARJUN learnt music and dance from the Gandarva Chitrasena.

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