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Question #1: Which subsidiary bank was merged with the State Bank of India on August 13, 2008?

Question #2: Which organization is the watch dog of international trade?

Question #3: What must be the fixed capital of large industries?

Question #4: Depreciation is related to

Question #5: The Reserve Bank of India was established on _______.

Question #6: What is the new name of the bank ‘Nepal Gridndlays bank ltd.’ ?

Question #7: Who works as RBI’s agent at places where it has no office of its own?

Question #8: What is a Lease?

Question #9: What is the full form of FIMMDA?

Question #10: What is the central bank of America?

Question #11: What is the full form of IRR?

Question #12: Sale proceeds of stock in trade are:

Question #13: What does ‘Nomination’ for a deposit account in the bank mean?

Question #14: What is the full form of IMF?

Question #15: What is meant by “Grey Market”?

Question #16: What does black market mean?

Question #17: Which of the following bank has been established first among the given alternatives?

Question #18: A tax that is levied on the turnover of goods is called:

Question #19: What does the letter ‘M’ mean in the term SME as used in the financial world?

Question #20: The Nepal Bank Limited was established on _______.

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