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Question #1: Which country does not have police force or jail?

Question #2: When was IBRD established?

Question #3: Which of the following bank has been established first among the given alternatives?

Question #4: Where is the head office of ILO?

Question #5: Which two districts are adjacent to both India and China?

Question #6: When was GATT converted into WTO?

Question #7: Which is the highest peak in the Chure area?

Question #8: Which bird is found only in Nepal?

Question #9: What is the national sport of Kosovo?

Question #10: How far is Nepal from the Sea?

Question #11: What are the two islands located beyond Mahakali River?

Question #12: Where is the headquarter of ICIMOD?

Question #13: In which district is the sign of volcano in Nepal?

Question #14: Which country is known as ‘Playground of Europe’?

Question #15: Where is ‘Saligram’ (a local type of stone) found in Nepal?

Question #16: How many peaks are there in Nepal above 7000 meters?

Question #17: Which district of the Terai region is not linked with Mahendra Highway?

Question #18: What was the old name of modern Patan?

Question #19: What was the old name of Swyambhu hill?

Question #20: Which is the largest lake in the world?

Question #21: Which is the youngest (latest) district of Nepal?

Question #22: What is the old name of Surkhet?

Question #23: What was the old name of Biratnagar?

Question #24: When did Nepal Rastrya Bank established?

Question #25: When did Nepal AID group established?

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