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Kumat English

Question #1: Before becoming the stockbroker, Victoria Woodhull had a career as a _______, someone believe to have insights about events beyond ordinary human perception.

Question #2: The sergeant suspected that the private was _______ in order to avoid going the ______ march scheduled for that morning.

Question #3: Today’s political candidates may reach wide audiences by appearing on television, but old-fashioned barnstorming still has value because it allows the electorate to meet candidates face-to-face.

Question #4: Although aging brings about profound physiological changes, it does not often alter an individual’s ________: an irascible thirty year old will probably still be _________ at seventy.

Question #5: Jean Georges was famous for his _________ cuisine, which brought together ingredients from many cooking traditions — Thai, Chinese, French and combined them in innovative ways.

Question #6: During the eighteenth century, inoculations against smallpox became increasingly popular among the English upper classes although to the lower classes it remained mysterious and therefore threatening.

Question #7: Many ________ of the style of painting exemplified by Marcel Duchamp’s work focused on Duchamp’s nude descending to staircase as the _________of what they detested about modern art.

Question #8: Micawber’s habit of spending more than he earned left him in a state of perpetual _______, but he hoping to see a more affluent day.

Question #9: An optimistic supporter of the women’s movement, Kubota contends that recent ________ by Japanese women in the business world are meaningful and indicative of ________ opportunity to come.

Question #10: In breeding can promote the expression of _________genes, those that make an animal subject to disease or impair reproductive efficiency.

Question #11: Her novel published to universal acclaimed, her literary gifts acknowledged by the chief figures of the Harlem Renaissance, her reputation as yet ________ of her career.

Question #12: The fashion designer favored fabrics that were so _______ as to be virtually transparent.

Question #13: The professor’s presentation was both ________ and ________: through brief, it was instructive.

Question #14: The historians of geography and cartography seem more interested in their maps in the explorers who went into the field, often at great risk, to get the information that these maps contain.

Question #15: The selection committee for the exhibit was amazed to see such fine work done by a mere __________.

Question #16: Because he was __________, he shunned human society.

Question #17: A _________ relationship links the rhinoceros and the oxpecker (or rhinoceros bird), for the two are mutually dependent.

Question #18: In the four chapels of Santa Croce, Giotto painted frescoes and they portrayed the lives of the saints.

Question #19: As a young physics instructor, Richard Feynman discovered that he had the gift of sharing his ___________his subject and making that excitement __________.

Question #20: Paradoxically, Helen, who had been a strict mother to her children, proved ________ mistress to her cats.

Question #21: Geroge Orwell’s term “doublespeak” referring to the intentional use of language to confuse or to mislead of “tax increase.”

Question #22: Because he was ________ in the performance of his duties, his employers could not ______ his work.

Question #23: The biochemistry instructor urged that we take particular care of the ________ chemicals to prevent their evaporation.

Question #24: Archaeologists are involved in _________Mayan temples in Central America, uncovering the old ruins in order to learn more about the civilization they represent.

Question #25: Far from being_________, bears in some national parks are surprisingly_________ when approached by humans; still, visitors must exercise caution.

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