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Kumat English

Question #1: It is said that the custom of shaking ahds originated when primitive men held out empty hands to indicate that they had no ________ weapons and were thus ________disposed.

Question #2: Either the surfing at Maui is _____, or I went there on an off day.

Question #3: During the eighteenth century, inoculations against smallpox became increasingly popular among the English upper classes although to the lower classes it remained mysterious and therefore threatening.

Question #4: In the four chapels of Santa Croce, Giotto painted frescoes and they portrayed the lives of the saints.

Question #5: A judicious biography must be __________represented that depicts both the strengths and the weakness of the subject, avoiding the two extremes of __________ an indictment

Question #6: Extensive travel afforded Langston Hughes a ________ perspective, but it was Harlem that served as the creative__________ for his writing.

Question #7: Brachiopods, calm like bivalves of prehistoric times, were one of the most _________forms of life on the Earth: more than 30,000 species have been _________from fossil records.

Question #8: Commerce on the remote island was conducted exclusively by __________, exchanging goods for goods.

Question #9: The teacher suspected cheating as he noticed the pupil’s __________ glance at his classmate’s paper.

Question #10: Because the pandas had already been weakened by disease and drought, a harsh winter would have had __________ consequences for them.

Question #11: The commentator characterized the electorate as_________ because it was unpredictable and given to constantly shifting moods.

Question #12: The professor’s presentation was both ________ and ________: through brief, it was instructive.

Question #13: Employment statistics indicate that the percentage of workers who found jobs in the fall quarter is lower than the spring

Question #14: Jean Georges was famous for his _________ cuisine, which brought together ingredients from many cooking traditions — Thai, Chinese, French and combined them in innovative ways.

Question #15: Crowther maintained that the current revival was the most fatuous and ________ production of the entire theatrical season.

Question #16: The biochemistry instructor urged that we take particular care of the ________ chemicals to prevent their evaporation.

Question #17: As sea urchins becoming scarcer, drivers are __________ to more dangerous depth to retrieve them, __________ the potential for driving injuries.

Question #18: Although the editors were reputed to be very_______, the uneven quality of the material they put into the anthology suggests they were too _________.

Question #19: Because he was __________, he shunned human society.

Question #20: Predictably, detail-oriented workers are __________keeping track of the myriad particulars of a situation.

Question #21: This well-documented history is of importance because it carefully ________ the ________ accomplishments of Native American artist who all too little known to the public at large.

Question #22: For many of the villagers, marriage was a practical _______, one not necessarily ___________ of love but nevertheless grounded largely in economic advantage.

Question #23: She is an interesting __________, an infinitely shy person who, in apparent contradiction, possesses an enormously intuitive _________ for understanding person.

Question #24: The coach’s harsh rebuke deeply wounded the star quarterback, who had never been __________ like that before.

Question #25: Linguistic research often requires fieldwork where they can study and record the spoken dialects of a region.

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