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Question #1: Which office collected finance in Lichhavi period?

Question #2: Which is the only one Novel written by Laxmi Prasad Devkota?

Question #3: Something of myself is the unfinished autobiography of which English author?

Question #4: Who knew the title of ‘Nepal Ka Adikavi (Nepal’s first Poet) of Nepa?

Question #5: Child Whispers was the first published work by which author of children’s literature?

Question #6: How is Eric Arthur Blair better known?

Question #7: The movie ‘Titanic’ was released in the year?

Question #8: Which great poet died when his ship sank in the Bay of Leghorn in Italy?

Question #9: Which country began the tradition of calendar?

Question #10: Who is known as the first literary martyr?

Question #11: Name the Mexican diplomat who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990?

Question #12: Who was reference ‘Adikavi’ to Bhanubhakta?

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