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Question #1: How is Eric Arthur Blair better known?

Question #2: Who is the writer of ‘History of Nepal’?

Question #3: Who wrote the introduction to Stephen Hawking’s a brief history of time?

Question #4: Who is known as the first poet of Nepali Language?

Question #5: Which authoress is nicknamed ‘The Queen Of Crime’?

Question #6: Which novel was written by ten writers?

Question #7: For which book did Jhumpa Lahiri win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction?

Question #8: Who was reference ‘Adikavi’ to Bhanubhakta?

Question #9: Sancho Panza is the squire of which literary character?

Question #10: Who wrote the book ‘Introduction to Nepal’?

Question #11: Who helped Tagore in translating Gitanjali into English?

Question #12: From where had Manju Shree come?

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