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Question #1: When an object is selling with 30% profit is Rs. 38.40, find the cost price of the object.

Question #2: Select the square root for 0.0025.

Question #3: How much is 20% of Rs. 20?

Question #4: What is the measure of ∠B, if in a triangle ABC, AB=BC=CA?

Question #5: Find the simplest form of ∛128 .

Question #6: If C= {1, 3, 5, 7} and D= {3, 5, 7, 9, 11}, then C-D is

Question #7: 26) How long shall it take for 10 men to finish the work if 5 men can do the same work in 20 days?

Question #8: If C = D, then how are n (C) and n (D) related?

Question #9: How long will 12 men take to finish the work if 6 men can do the work in 10 days?

Question #10: What is the simple interest on Rs. 400 for 6 years at 5.5% interest rate per annum ?

Question #11: If an article is sold at a price less than the marked price, the it is said to be sold at

Question #12: How much is 75% of Rs. 40?

Question #13: Find the LCM of 4(a-b) and 6(b-a).

Question #14: How far will a man travel in 8 hours if he travels 17.5 km in 5 hours ?

Question #15: If a man can look at a distance of 80 km then two men can look at a distance of:

Question #16: The radius of a circle in which a tangent or chord of length 8cm is 3cm from the center is………

Question #17: The greater number which divides 32, 48 and 56 exactly is….

Question #18: The radius of a cylinder of height 5cm and the area of curved surface 110 cm² ………

Question #19: Suppose the selling price of a radio is Rs. 1500. Find the actual selling price of the shopkeeper allows 5% discount?

Question #20: Find the mixed surd of ∛16.

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