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Question #1: Who said, ‘The child is father of man’?

Question #2: Who was Hypnos in Greek Mythology?

Question #3: Which is the oldest mosque in the world?

Question #4: Who was the Roman goddess of agriculture?

Question #5: Which is the youngest (latest) district of Nepal?

Question #6: In his childhood, which mythological character leaped up and swallowed the sun, mistaking it for a fruit?

Question #7: To which mountain range does ‘Manaslu Himal’ belong?

Question #8: How many villages Development committees are there in Nepal?

Question #9: Which former rugby player once called the English RFU committee ‘Old Farts’?

Question #10: Which of the following deserts does not belong to North America?

Question #11: Today’s political candidates may reach wide audiences by appearing on television, but old-fashioned barnstorming still has value because it allows the electorate to meet candidates face-to-face.

Question #12: Something of myself is the unfinished autobiography of which English author?

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