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Question #1: How many district are there in the ‘Himalayan Region’?

Question #2: How far is Nepal from the Sea?

Question #3: Which is the highest mountain in Africa?

Question #4: At what sport did Scotland become world champions in 2005

Question #5: The abbreviation of HTML is……..

Question #6: What is the national sport of Bangladesh?

Question #7: Arrange the world’s longest rivers in the descending order of length

Question #8: Which famous poet appears thinly disguised in Mary Shelley’s novels Valpegra and The Last Man?

Question #9: Who is the largest producer of coffee in the world?

Question #10: What is a Lease?

Question #11: Which country is known as the ‘Battleground of Europe’?

Question #12: According to Hindu mythology, who took the form of an eagle to test king Sibi?

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