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Question #1: Which musical instrument is Goddess Saraswati generally associated with?

Question #2: In the Mahabharata, who was known as Atirathi ?

Question #3: What do we know by ‘trimadhu’?

Question #4: Which river is called ‘Mahaprabha’ in Sanskrit language?

Question #5: To whom did Karna’s bow Vijaya, originally belong?

Question #6: Which incarnation of Vishnu went to the demon king Bali and saved the lost kingdom of the gods?

Question #7: Who was the Roman goddess of agriculture?

Question #8: Neptune is named after which Roman god?

Question #9: Whom did kamsa send as her messenger to Krishna and balarama, inviting them to Mathura?

Question #10: Who cursed Narada, the divine sage to wander for ever?

Question #11: What was the name of Ravana’s sister, whose nose was chopped off by lakshmana?

Question #12: Which incarnation of Vishnu is yet to appear?

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