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Question #1: How many districts are there in the Terai Region?

Question #2: When ‘Mananka’ was written on one side of the currency, what was there in another side?

Question #3: Which mountain is used to determine the standard time of Nepal?

Question #4: Which is the longest river of Nepal?

Question #5: How many zones of Nepal are named after the mountains?

Question #6: Which was the first currency of Nepal?

Question #7: Which ‘Mahakavya’ wrote by Laxmi Prasad Devkota?

Question #8: What are the two islands located beyond Mahakali River?

Question #9: Which National parks are included in world heritage list?

Question #10: Which district is known as the ‘Desert of Nepal’?

Question #11: Which was the first film produced by Royal Nepal Film Corporation?

Question #12: Who was the first Nepalese monk to go to china through the way of Bhot?

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