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    Time management: a solution

    Time management

    Everyone values time as time is indefinite progress where numerous actions and activities take place. Every aspect of human life matters in time.Management is an art of organizing and planning any particular events that occur in human life in order to secure and increase efficiency.

    Time management is an act of planning in order to gain control over the amount of time and any specific activities to attain effectiveness. It is a programmed process of organizing and planning on how to split available time between particular activities.

    Time is important to every human being. Every profession and every engagement have high value for time. Sound time management enables to get access in aim, achievement, and task. Some major beneficiaries of time management are as follows.
    •    Better efficiency and competence.
    •    An enhanced professional standing.
    •    Less stress.
    •    amplified prospects for progression.
    •    Greater opportunities to accomplish imperative life and career goals.

    Poor time management brings following consequences
    •    Fail to notice time limit.
    •    Incompetent effort.
    •    reduced work excellence.
    •    A poor professional repute and a hindered career.
    •    High-stress levels.

    The present world is full of competencies. One can be easily left behind in the career, education, personal attributes, and opportunities if the time value is not recognized within an appropriate boundary. Time is brutal when it slips through hand and it is mesmeric when ones systematically manage.

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