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    Trust your learning: Effective learning

    Effective learning

    Education or learning is always a backbone of family, society, nation and world progress. More importantly, learning is an acknowledgment that benefits individuals. It a self-progressed system of acknowledgments and self- improvements.  Great learner like Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx and much other are immense examples who sustained their life and societies prosperity through their profession and learning. It is general to wonder how these scholars achieved such huge extent of accomplishment. Discussion for such framework mentioned below.

    Organized schedule

    A schedule has many attributes. It can be managing separate study room, organizing materials and the references, physiological as a well psychological state, and deliberate time and routine. The Purpose and prospects of study take one’s interest, enthusiasm and conscience and consensus to further level. Polluted environment and personal problems can affect one’s physiological and psychological condition, sublime to mention the distraction. The schedule is organized letting oneself be in a calm environment, s regular study routine, a half or an hour meditation and regular simple exercises. Drinking water as well improvises one’s state while studying.

    Approach or technique

    Currently, several techniques have been profound, concerning its effectiveness and efficiency while learning. Any method, foremost knowing about yourself and your style, can be appropriate when reading. Learning through reading, writing, listening, digital assimilation and group discussion are the common groundwork but vital techniques often applied at the time of learning. Other important approaches that have high significances that determine an amount of learning are brain map and brainstorm, symbolism and semiotics, visual learning, task flow (organizing your thoughts), journal etc.


    There are equally important factors that influence the applied technique while studying which are self-motivation and personal guidance, purpose, positivity and willingness, learning implication, perception and much more. Individual’s continuity, not to mention, continuous focus converts dots into line, shapes and internalizes roundabout learning into a practical life. The practical exemplify helps too, back then, to forecast learning, efforts, understanding and upcoming requirements and improvements.

    Writer’s viewpoint

    Let’s remember and be assure that nothing is impossible in this world. The world system itself runs through the process to synchronicity and transformation. It is quite adequate to believe, to such extent that dreams and desire are achievable by every individual as we are within and undergo through the reach formidable synchronicity and transformation. However, the transformation for, specifically an effective learning requires devotion, continuity, clarification and other such important habitual actions.


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